Fiber Optic Testing Services

Fiber optic testing is essential for ensuring the quality and reliability of fiber optic networks. We will ensure your fiber optic network’s peak performance with our complete testing solutions. We cover all components and functions using industry standards, advanced tools, and expert processes.

Fiber Optic Testing Services

Here at Fiber Optic Doctors we will ensure the strength of your connection, from strand to signal. Unreliable fiber optic networks can be more than just frustrating – they can cripple your business. We offer comprehensive fiber optic testing services. We go beyond simple cable checks, delving deep into the heart of your network with cutting-edge tools and expert analysis. By meticulously testing every fiber optic cable at every stage – from initial installation to ongoing maintenance – we guarantee your data travels at the speed of light, free from glitches and slowdowns. Whether you’re building a brand new network or optimizing an existing one, our fiber optic testing provides the critical insights you need for unwavering performance and peace of mind. 

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OTDR Testing

This cutting-edge technology shines a light on the inner workings of your cables, revealing hidden flaws and ensuring peak performance. Imagine a detailed map, not just of the cable path, but of every bend, splice, and connection – that's the power of OTDR. It pinpoints signal attenuation, identifies potential trouble spots, and verifies compliance with industry standards.
Testing a fiber optic cable

Db Loss Testing

Db loss meter testing is the process of measuring the signal attenuation, or power loss, in a fiber optic cable using a special instrument called a dB loss meter. This test is crucial for ensuring the quality and performance of fiber optic networks. Our technicians are certified in Db loss testing fiber optic networks.

Mandatory 3rd Party Testing

There is always the possibility of a fiber optic cable getting smashed, cut or damaged accidentally. Should this occur, our team will take the appropriate steps to complete a successful fiber optic cable repair. Tools that we use to identify damages and to complete repairs include an Optical Time Domain Reflectometer, fiber optic cutters and strippers, and a fusion splicer.
low voltage cabling installed to a router.


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