DAS System Installation

We install distributed antenna systems for cellular and public safety signals using cutting edge technology. If your project requires a high-performance network, with reliability in those hard to reach places then a DAS system is the perfect fit. 

Distributed Antenna System Installation

A distributed antenna systems (DAS) installation consists of networks of small antennas that are used to amplify and distribute cellular and public safety signals. DAS systems are often used in large buildings, such as hospitals, airports, and convention centers, to ensure that everyone has communications where they are required.

We offer a wide range of DAS services, including:

  • Design and installation: We can design and install DAS systems for buildings of all sizes. We will work closely with you to understand your needs and develop a system that meets your budget and requirements.
  • Maintenance and repair: We offer ongoing maintenance and repair services for DAS systems. We can help to ensure that your system is always operating at its best and that you are getting the best possible performance.

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Survey the Location

Smart planning starts with a thorough site survey. We meticulously measure your available space, taking ventilation and equipment needs into account. Next, we meticulously map out the optimal placement of transmitters and receivers for maximum signal reach and minimal interference. This careful planning ensures a high-performing DAS system from the ground up.
Design DAS installation

Design the System

Unlike traditional antennas, DAS networks demand precision on multiple levels. We optimize "antenna gain" for each channel, ensuring the perfect balance between signal strength and avoiding interference with nearby stations. This prevents disruptive crosstalk even during storms. Further, we strategically place receivers, maximizing coverage and minimizing the need for excessive transmitter power. Lastly, we handle the intricacies of permit acquisition, so you can focus on enjoying a seamlessly connected environment.

Install the Hardware

Where you place the DAS hardware significantly impacts its performance. In an office setting, for instance, you'll want to strategically position antennas near workstations and conference rooms, often connecting them directly or via cable to computers and devices. This ensures seamless connectivity and avoids signal drop-offs. However, for outdoor or nighttime-only installations, additional hardware and connectivity might not be necessary. If people use their own devices during these times, a basic DAS setup near cell towers might suffice.
DAS Hardware Installation
Testing DAS system installation

Final Install & Testing

The final installation steps involve placing small remote units near cell towers. These connect to your wireless router, extending your network's reach to areas with existing Wi-Fi coverage. Once everything's in place, thorough testing ensures the DAS system is fully operational and calibrated for optimal performance. This includes verifying signal strength, coverage area, and potential interference issues.


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